More than 30 years of experience on Electrical Distribution Power System is at your service to deliver technical or strategic studies for implementing advanced technologies for actual or future power system. We also offer customised teaching to meet specific needs of our customers on each of these domains

Technical Analyses and Support

  • Member of the jury to select the 2016 ISGAN / GSGF “Smart Grid” award
  • Support to new technologies implementation (ongoing)
    • Support S&C Electric Canada
    • Support Smarter Grid Solutions
    • Technical advisor of the INTEGRATE (Integrated Network Testbed for Energy Grid Research and Technology Experimentation) project from NREL (National Renewables Energy Lab) , Denver Colorado. ANM (Active Network Management) technology
    • Support to the EPRI Distribution Modernization Demonstration
    • Technical advisor for the CEATI Smart Grid Task Force (2012- june 2015)
  • Technical report for IREQ « High Capacity Storage introduction strategy for Hydro-Quebec » – July 2015
  • Member of the Expert panel to select energy storage R&D projects for the Wallonie, Belgium ENERGINSERE program., February 2014
  • Natural Resources Canada – Case study on the demonstration project « Boucherville Smart Grid Zone » – May 2013
  • EPRI Report « International Smart Grid Demonstration Project Case Studies & Survey Analysis » # 1026756 – May 2013

Strategic Analyses and Support

  • Editor in Chief of the IEEE Power and Energy Society long term vision – Grid Vision 2050
  • Member of the Expert panel to evaluate the EDF R&D program « Évaluation scientifique et technique du département Mesures et système d’Information des Réseaux Electriques (MIRE) de la R&D d’EDF  » – November 2011
  • Business Roadmap and vision design of Hydro-Quebec Distribution sytem (2008 et 2010)
  • Scientific Positioning and roadmap of the IREQ R&D on Distribution Smart Grid technologies – IREQ (2009)
  • Report  « Distribution System Automation Roadmap – 2005–2020″ (2005)



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